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Definition of scramble:

  1. The act of jostling and pushing for something desired; eager and unceremonious struggle for what is thrown or held out; as, a scramble for office.
  2. The act of scrambling, climbing on all fours, or clambering.
  3. To clamber with hands and knees; to scrabble; as, to scramble up a cliff; to scramble over the rocks.
  4. To collect by scrambling; as, to scramble up wealth.
  5. To prepare ( eggs) as a dish for the table, by stirring the yolks and whites together while cooking.
  6. To struggle eagerly with others for something thrown upon the ground; to go down upon all fours to seize something; to catch rudely at what is desired.


dumbfound, chaos, riffle, beat out, mess up, throw together, skin, bewilder, quiver, combine, disarrangement, blend, outwit, perplex, dogfight, ticktack, scurry, pare, scuffle, stupefy, amaze, scamper, outsmart, scuffle hoe, shell, exhaust, push, rough-and-tumble, circumvent, shuffle, disorganization, thrum, vanquish, fudge together, work over, flummox, trounce, disorderliness, clamber, mystify, disorderedness, beat up, spit out, pulsate, peel, struggle, sputter, tick, disarray, contend, thump, beat, puzzle, shin, ticktock, baffle, flap, order, mix, nonplus, climb, gravel, crush, bark, topsy-turviness, change, tucker, scrape, get, jumble, drum, pose, snarl, splutter, outfox, tucker out, snafu, vex, hassle, derangement, pound, shinny, mingle, move, ball up, overreach, stick, confusedness, confusion, wash up, bunk.

Usage examples: