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Definition of sedative:

  1. A remedy which allays irritability and irritation, and irritative activity or pain.
  2. allaying irritability and irritation; assuaging pain.
  3. Tending to calm, moderate, or tranquilize


tranquilising, pacifying, depressant, tranquilizing, downer, somnific, slumberous, lulling, calming, somniferous, sedative drug, remedial, somnolent, opiate, anesthetic, quieting, antidote, soporific, soothing, comforting, tranquillising, antacid, amphetamine, narcotic, awareness, anabolic steroid, analgesic, relaxing, anticoagulant, ataractic, tranquillizing, antibiotic, somnifacient, sleepy, antidepressant, dreamy, anaesthetic, hypnotic, ataraxic.

Usage examples: