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Definition of sense:

  1. A faculty, possessed by animals, of perceiving external objects by means of impressions made upon certain organs ( sensory or sense organs) of the body, or of perceiving changes in the condition of the body; as, the senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. See Muscular sense, under Muscular, and Temperature sense, under Temperature.
  2. Meaning; import; signification; as, the true sense of words or phrases; the sense of a remark.
  3. Moral perception or appreciation.
  4. One of two opposite directions in which a line, surface, or volume, may be supposed to be described by the motion of a point, line, or surface.
  5. Perception by the sensory organs of the body; sensation; sensibility; feeling.
  6. Perception through the intellect; apprehension; recognition; understanding; discernment; appreciation.
  7. Sound perception and reasoning; correct judgment; good mental capacity; understanding; also, that which is sound, true, or reasonable; rational meaning.
  8. That which is felt or is held as a sentiment, view, or opinion; judgment; notion; opinion.
  9. To perceive by the senses; to recognize.


horse sense, awareness, smell, connotation, motivation, knowledge, vision, value, moxie, whiz, cognizance, understanding, soundness, fire, consciousness, sensible, sensory faculty, idiocy, saneness, keen, competence, belief, philosophy, prowess, brainpower, significancy, mastery, wizard, denotation, sane, import, superstar, judgment, grit, reasoning, engagement, realistic, virtuoso, proficiency, dullness, mother wit, champion, find, genius, function, sand, cut out, viewpoint, reek, smack, sanity, rationality, mentality, sense impression, mavin, burn up, kinaesthetic, school of thought, clear-headed, feeling, wit, brain, idle, ability, aptitude, fairness, wiz, imagination, rationale, esthesis, signification, wit, spirit, acceptation, excuse, subtext, message, lucidity, sense experience, framework, smart, signified, logical, idea, significance, sensitivity, taste, palpate, ground, discernment, perception, sensitiveness, wisdom, occasion, somewhat, pretext, distinguish, acute, sensation, talent, brilliance, rational, thought, concept, thrust, commitment, intuition, meaning, faith, sentiment, gumption, rationalness, cause, soul, scent out, sentience, substance, theory, insight, motive, mature, practical, hotshot, assault, disposition, sniff out, instinct, intelligence, intent, grounded, cycle, balanced, reason, ideal, feel, gift, whizz, pragmatic, approach, principle, grind, intellect, hearing, lucidness, sight, logic, view, flood, smell out, adept, assail, sense datum, backbone, backfire, star, go, marble, knowledge, mind, pragmatism, in justification of something, cleverness, mindset, skill, sentiency, maven, to a degree, ace, discretion, aesthesis, usage, point, common sense, nose out, somehow, sensibility, perspective, judgment, clarity, purport, guts, good sense.

Usage examples: