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Definition of set-back:

  1. A plain flat set- off in a wall.


outset, sidetrack, carry over, buy, elude, submit, commencement, parry, put off, skirt, work out, prorogue, turn off, hedge, delay, offset printing, get-go, come in at, keep someone waiting, be extra, start, evade, tabulate, give in, get across, put back, sidestep, defer, send back, kickoff, beginning, hold up, first, knock back, hold over, branch, slacken, counterbalance, remand, dishearten, set, put over, cost, command, disconcert, hinder, offshoot, fudge, showtime, detain, confuse, table, duck, dodge, outgrowth, starting time, accede, stolon, defeat, tabularize, prolong the agony, circumvent, remit, runner, bow, tabularise, keep, get your money's worth, shelve, stall, flurry, setoff, slow down, offset, postpone, replace, reverse.