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Definition of sheer:

  1. A turn or change in a course.
  2. Being only what it seems to be; obvious; simple; mere; downright; as, sheer folly; sheer nonsense.
  3. Bright; clear; pure; unmixed.
  4. Clean; quite; at once.
  5. Shears See Shear.
  6. Stright up and down; vertical; prpendicular.
  7. The longitudinal upward curvature of the deck, gunwale, and lines of a vessel, as when viewed from the side.
  8. The position of a vessel riding at single anchor and swinging clear of it.
  9. To decline or deviate from the line of the proper course; to turn aside; to swerve; as, a ship sheers from her course; a horse sheers at a bicycle.
  10. To shear.
  11. Very thin or transparent; - applied to fabrics; as, sheer muslin.


patent, virtuous, burn, crystal clear, bare, steep, yaw, dilute, vapourish, slew, contract, true, out-and-out, geld, classical, snub, crook, delicate, unblemished, slight, twist, unmingled, skid, gauze-like, disregard, rationalise, diaphanous, curve, guileless, curl, limpid, gossamer, foreshorten, real, make out, trend, absolute, smooth, homely, cut down, classic, rationalize, undefiled, manifest, arc, holy, abrupt, reduce, right-down, mere, unpolluted, unmistakable, gauzy, incorrupt, transparent, vaporific, issue, pure, unpatterned, wind, untainted, uncompounded, swerve, switch off, unvarnished, untarnished, cut back, ignore, stainless, slip, lucid, arch, skew, bluff, cut, edit, ethereal, uncorrupted, unspotted, apparent, trim back, unornamented, pellucid, edit out, abrupt, slue, vapourous, change, abbreviate, unadulterated, precipitous, slide, chaste, simple, continent, unmixed, thin, abridge, bring down, skip, cut off, innocent, shorten, vaporish, bold, perpendicularly, fine, prune, immaculate, miasmal, chop, genuine, vapourific, clean, filmy, veer, perfect, kink, spare, soft, miasmic, turn off, downright, turn out, flimsy, hack, clear, tailor, trim, complete, see through, spotless, vaporous, guiltless, write out, crystalline, unsullied, translucent, evident, cobwebby, unembellished, rank, plain, unstained, thin out, fragile, trim down.

Usage examples: