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Definition of shelve:

  1. To furnish with shelves; as, to shelve a closet or a library.
  2. To incline gradually; to be slopping; as, the bottom shelves from the shore.
  3. To place on a shelf. Hence: To lay on the shelf; to put aside; to dismiss from service; to put off indefinitely; as, to shelve an officer; to shelve a claim.


skirt, put back, bow, tabularize, tabulate, remand, knock back, file, stay, delay, slacken, turn off, dishearten, circumvent, hold over, prorogue, put over, parry, line, hold, send back, suspend, evade, put on ice, line up, set back, sidestep, do, hedge, get across, duck, hold off, space, table, confuse, wait, fudge, disconcert, carry over, adjourn, flurry, hold up, remit, postpone, submit, tabularise, defer, give in, elude, dodge, accede, organize, order, put off, waive, range, prolong.

Usage examples: