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Definition of sire:

  1. A creator; a maker; an author; an originator.
  2. A father; the head of a family; the husband.
  3. A lord, master, or other person in authority. See Sir.
  4. A tittle of respect formerly used in speaking to elders and superiors, but now only in addressing a sovereign.
  5. The male parent of a beast; - applied especially to horses; as, the horse had a good sire.
  6. To beget; to procreate; - used of beasts, and especially of stallions.


induce, founding father, contract, mystify, Rex, artificial insemination, Regina, beginner, bullock, experience, cock, take, produce, grow, mother, bull, generator, pater, let, have, fecund, R., flummox, Defender of the Faith, begin, the Queen Mother, amaze, get, originator, establisher, instituter, catch, go, set about, boy, initiator, breed, breeding ground, inaugurator, asexual reproduction, aim, puzzle, buzz off, become, beget, dog, scram, pop, alpha male, fertile, develop, start, dad, vex, daddy, come, beat, H.R.H., bugger off, draw, return, bring, assisted reproduction, baffle, fix, kin, stimulate, sustain, fertilization, yield, obtain, pa, ma'am, set out, cause, papa, conceive, arrive, suffer, generate, bring forth, incur, fertilise, father, drive, render, cockerel, hatch, overprotect, estrus, convey, capture, breeding, male parent, get down, pose, buck, get under one's skin, find, fuss, couple, nonplus, gravel, arrest, bewilder, pappy, the Queen, forefather, give, engender, originate, old man, stupefy, boar, stick, pay off, dumbfound, courtship, spawn, the Prince of Wales, start out, billy goat, conception, receive, acquire, don, begetter, commence, breeder, fetch, fertilize, pay back, perplex.

Usage examples: