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Definition of slack:

  1. A valley, or small, shallow dell.
  2. Lax; not tense; not hard drawn; not firmly extended; as, a slack rope.
  3. Not violent, rapid, or pressing; slow; moderate; easy; as, business is slack.
  4. Remiss; backward; not using due diligence or care; not earnest or eager; as, slack in duty or service.
  5. Slackly; as, slack dried hops.
  6. Small coal; also, coal dust; culm.
  7. The part of anything that hangs loose, having no strain upon it; as, the slack of a rope or of a sail.
  8. Weak; not holding fast; as, a slack hand.


loosen up, remiss, easy, escaped, promiscuous, quench, slop, dilatory, neglectful, inattentive, procrastinating, inanition, ease off, weak, wane, decelerate, lingering, unbend, standing, depression, ease up, dawdling, tardy, careful, lassitude, moderate, increase, unstrain, liberal, morass, deliberate, lazy, inactive, light, tighten, idle, on the loose, at large, derelict, unwind, decrease, lessening, subside, slack tide, fall, relaxed, drowsy, slackness, off, slow up, allay, unlax, slump, bate, flaccid, negligent, slow, slow down, down, informal, slack off, remissness, laxness, inert, ebb, slack water, quagmire, abate, delaying, drop-off, laxity, drop, falling off, make relaxed, slacken, lapse, dull, remit, relax, wanton, loosen, let-up, lethargy, limp, fall off, falloff, loose, soft, assuage, gradual, mire, die away, economic crisis, sluggish, decompress, sluttish, unaffixed, retard, cliff, slake, open, lax, slack up, quag.

Usage examples: