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Definition of sleazy:

  1. Wanting firmness of texture or substance; thin; flimsy; as, sleazy silk or muslin.


neglected, miserable, ailing, dilapidated, brassy, tatty, execrable, unsubstantial, dubious, thin, second-rate, scrubby, deceitful, poor, bargain-basement, sickly, indisposed, wretched, dishonest, chintzy, tacky, chinchy, unwell, trampy, flashy, crappy, schlock, tattered, inferior, sordid, skanky, lousy, gossamery, gossamer, shoddy, bum, disreputable, junky, mediocre, beat-up, flash, trashy, scruffy, mangy, rundown, meretricious, crummy, bedraggled, bad, seamy, slatternly, rubbishy, rotten, poorly, decrepit, gauzy, dingy, down-at-heel, down-at-the-heels, slutty, cunning, unscrupulous, faded, tinny, grungy, tatterdemalion, punk, broken-down, timeworn, peaked, ratty, low-grade, cobwebby, fraudulent, shabby, devious, insubstantial, untruthful, under the weather, shabby, cheapjack, squalid, paltry, sluttish, threadbare, good, poor, gimcrack, flyblown, corrupt, frothy, unprincipled, seedy, cheap, schlocky, dog-eared, better, el cheapo, bombed-out, terrible, filmy, inexpensive, cut-rate, tumbledown, loud, cheesy, trumpery, run-down, dumpy, low-rent, mean, decaying, moth-eaten, dirty.

Usage examples: