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Definition of sleepy:

  1. Characterized by an absence of watchfulness; as, sleepy security.
  2. Drowsy; inclined to, or overcome by, sleep.
  3. Dull; lazy; heavy; sluggish.
  4. Tending to induce sleep; soporiferous; somniferous; as, a sleepy drink or potion.


dozy, off-duty, free, slumberous, slumberous, quiescent, underemployed, on your last legs, slumbery, dozy, hypnotic, sleepyheaded, clear, awareness, somnolent, quiet, somniferous, nodding, somnifacient, available, opiate, inert, somnolent, sedative, asleep, all in, sleepy-eyed, torpid, narcotic, somnific, slack, subdued.

Usage examples: