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Definition of sloppy:

  1. Wet, so as to spatter easily; wet, as with something slopped over; muddy; plashy; as, a sloppy place, walk, road.


saccharine, sluggish, gushy, cluttered, A-line, quaggy, chilled, overemotional, amateurish, boggy, sugarcoated, disordered, mussed, higgledy-piggledy, spoony, casual, torpid, mediocre, squashy, chocolate-box, treacly, tear-jerking, frowsy, drippy, button-through, slipshod, inert, chaotic, waterlogged, button-down, creamy, spongelike, hugger-mugger, novelettish, swampy, cream, tousled, boot-cut, fruity, sticky, like a bull in a china shop, slobby, melodrama, turbid, cloying, clingy, lovey-dovey, awkward, backless, marshy, lackadaisical, jumbled, soupy, careful, disarranged, sobby, upside-down, tumbled, messed, sloughy, histrionics, cloudy, bathetic, complacency, order, soggy, topsy-turvy, loose-fitting, littered, untidy, crispy, haphazard, brief, doughy, muddled, complacent, squishy, spongy, slobbish, disarrayed, buttery, muddied, hysterics, sugary, blowsy, careless, crisp, dowdy, soppy, theatrical, slushy, rumpled, mirky, confused, baggy, mussy, sloven, poor, pulpy, caramelized, wet, slapdash, best, hit-or-miss, chewy, pell-mell, theatricals, calorific, feelings, splashy, disorderly, miry, cool.

Usage examples: