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Definition of smoke:

  1. The cloudy fumes or vapour arising from any burning substance; anyting volatile or apt to melt away.
  2. To apply smoke to; to cure by hanging in smoek; to inhale andemit the fumes of tobacco; to throw off in the form of smoke; to ridicule; in Scrip., to be kindled; to burn.


potful, stool, sens, dust, crapper, crazy weed, muckle, chain-smoke, reek, weed, plenty, supergrass, forage, habit, smudge, slug, ashtray, ash, dry, whup, sess, burn, trounce, beam, polecat, mass, charcoal, cinder, flame, bullet train, great deal, draw, pasture, generate, tidy sum, give off, spate, trim, drag, whomp, ganja, flowerpot, stinkpot, issue from, emit, haze, briar, reck, flash-freeze, blow away, cola, annihilate, wood pussy, skin, gauge, potentiometer, deal, spark, draw on, batch, potty, mickle, mourning band, shutout, eatage, bay window, blaze, smog, thrash, dehydration, smoking, pinhead, gas, freeze, git, smolder, cigarette paper, cold turkey, cigar, good deal, flock, dehydrate, stub, cannabis, pasturage, can, potbelly, nicotine gum, wad, kindle, dirty dog, cheroot, marihuana, warmer, lowlife, commode, fumes, tummy, stack, pot, fume, tromp, dumbbell, green goddess, boob, jackpot, crumb, bong, stinker, homogenize, go up, dummy, snow under, mess, spill, peck, raft, ignite, flatten, wallop, scum bag, puke, cream, quite a little, so-and-so, hummer, fastball, rotter, low-down, stream, cessation, hatful, wax, booby, lot, smother, shellac, bury, ciggy, give out, irradiate, catch fire, soot, the skinny, bomb, clobber, catch, light, skunk, paste, rout, poop, bullet, kitty, brand, bum, whop, marijuana, fumigate, roll of tobacco, bottle, rat, slew, butt, chew, crazyweed, locoweed, mountain, drub, heater, heap, discharge, sight, cigarette, passel, throne, dope, light up, mint, gage, pile, send out, Mary Jane, ember, corporation, grass, toilet, fag, cure.

Usage examples: