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Definition of smudge:

  1. A suffocating smoke.
  2. To stain with dirt; to stain or blot; to blacken with smoke.


patch, spatter, MARKS, asperse, post, glaze over, bespatter, film over, obscure, dim, onus, denigrate, topographic point, bloodstain, bit, black, spot, besmear, billet, put on, blot, stigma, cytosmear, daub, smut, touch, confuse, slander, splotch, point, mess up, calumniate, blear, office, obnubilate, spotlight, attack, dab, vilification, besoil, blur, mark, blotch, situation, blacken, berth, maculation, malignment, position, smirch, place, soiled spot, singe, cloud, smutch, footprint, clean, begrime, pip, dapple, bedaub, blemish, aspersion, fleck, cytologic smear, plaster, speckle, slur, skid marks, smear, tidemark, brand, defame.

Usage examples: