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Definition of smutty:

  1. Soiled with soot or the like; full of smut; dirty.


ill-scented, smelly, grim, grotty, black-market, gutter, corny, stinking, dark, off-color, bemired, fatal, revolting, foetid, indecent, bootleg, unsporting, jokey, smudged, X-rated, profane, funky, ignominious, dirty, decent, disgustful, unprintable, mordant, yucky, fateful, shameful, contraband, crude, barnyard, stained, hoary, dim, disastrous, pornographic, loathly, distasteful, Fescennine, scatologic, begrimed, vulgar, raunchy, sullied, locker-room, befouled, nasty, sinister, inglorious, trashy, repelling, awful, foul-smelling, tight, gross, disgraceful, porny, filthy, saucy, lascivious, noisome, cruddy, stag, cheating, draggled, bawdy, wicked, wanton, blue, pitch-dark, afoul, calamitous, smuggled, skanky, bleak, cornball, bedraggled, repellent, fouled, lousy, unsportsmanlike, spicy, soiled, naughty, black, suggestive, repellant, loathsome, lewd, foul, blackened, marked-up, broad, opprobrious, ribald, clean, pitch-black, uncleanly, besmirched, scurrilous, coarse, lewd.

Usage examples: