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Definition of snarl:

  1. The suppressed noise made by an angry or surly dog; a low subdued growl.
  2. To growl, as an angry or surly dog; to utter grumbling sounds; to speak roughly or sharply.


snatch up, harm, mat up, crack, noise, mar, gridlock, bumper-to-bumper, matt-up, rage, take its toll, knot, filter, hiss, disfigure, grumble, mat, labyrinth, abuse, tell off, click, tie-up, break down, words, lose it, entangle, ravel, tailback, tear, hold-up, damage, tousle, mark, drag in, confusion, dishevel, embrangle, tear into, matte up, spoil, snarl-up, tangle, scold, croak, stain, embrangle, rupture, let fly, snatch, matte, injure, felt up, flick, raise your voice, congestion charge, photograph, back up, maze, bust, snap, lash out, shoot, hurt, backup, embroil, sweep, bite someone's head off, jump down someone's throat, sweep up, logjam, baa, busy, felt, jam-up.

Usage examples: