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Definition of sobriety:

  1. The state or quality of being habitually free from the influence of strong drink; habitual freedom from heat and passion; gravity; calmness.


self-restraint, fasting, seriousness, heavy, sign/take the pledge, gravitational attraction, somberness, waterlessness, earnest, abstemiousness, continence, used, xerotes, straight, solemnity, self-abnegation, earnestness, placidity, soberness, dispassionateness, gravitation, dry, attitude, stone-cold sober, gravitational force, Drugs, style, sombreness, graveness, officiousness, temperance, self-control, not touch a drop, humorlessness, intentness, sober, gravity, gloom, staidness, teetotal, on the wagon, serenity, dispassion, teetotaler, solemnness, serious-mindedness, sedateness, gloominess, gravitas.

Usage examples: