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Definition of soft:

  1. For be soft, int. hold; not so fast.
  2. Not hard; easily yielding to pressure; not rough; not violent; smooth to the touch; flowing; easily yielding to persuasion or any influence; impresible; gentle; mild; delicate; weak; simple; not unfeeling; not strong or glaring; pleasing to any sense.


hard, simple, softening, silken, weakling, senseless, hands-down, low-keyed, subdued, semisoft, simple-minded, thick-witted, lamebrain, soft-spoken, Yielding, bubbleheaded, ashen, facile, pliant, pianissimo assai, be easily led, silklike, coddled, backlit, salving, whispered, sluggish, fluent, enervated, tear-jerking, weak, equable, lame-duck, modest, lunkheaded, boneheaded, weak-kneed, asthenic, pale, empty-headed, napped, weakened, retarded, little, wet, tinted, down-and-out, affectionate, low-key, limp-wristed, cutting, nonalcoholic, cracked, easeful, pallid, slight, cheeselike, tractable, bland, simple, balmy, brainless, plastic, still, temperate, batty, supple, bright, good, invertebrate, womanly, floodlit, sibilant, liquid, loony, fat, palatal, caring, loose, ticklish, drippy, pastel, mellifluous, knuckleheaded, ability, compliant, namby-pamby, barmy, spoiled, susceptible, mild, not oppose, dorky, low, oafish, whacky, rough, unsubstantial, lenient, wimpish, feelings, smooth, increase, sleek, downy, courteous, murmuring, glaring, weak-willed, fleecy, flexible, off, blue, characterless, untrained, flowing, soft-footed, brackish, unintelligent, manageable, royal, unsmart, spougy, docile, weak-minded, gentle, misty, witless, tender. docile, buggy, melodious, dopey, candlelit, crackers, squeezable, squooshy, flocculent, palatalized, halogen, flabby, blue-blooded, muted, touchy, flabby, elementary, prostrate, infirm, harsh, backward, silken (?), wacky, padded, saline, childish, sobby, strong, palatalised, slushy, spongy, slowly, bonkers, mushy, chlorinated, downhill, flossy, pianissimo, around the bend, overstuffed, enfeebled, come naturally/easily/easy (to someone), sonant, airheaded, lithe, green, untoughened, pithy, wan, merciful, mellow, velvety, trouble-free, slack, accept, dense, well-situated, undemanding, waxy, direct, nuts, cushiony, tenderhearted, limp, well-fixed, satiny, generous, effeminate, lax, spirant, milk-and-water, feathery, cozy, loopy, downlike, easily, convenient, chuckleheaded, favor, fatuous, melodic, kookie, mellow, neglect, promiscuous, lenient, bats, thickheaded, warm, bonehead, half-witted, gentle, prosperous, cottony, silky, dunderheaded, honied, demulcent, thick, obtuse, softened, euphonious, quaggy, shaded, musical, loco, mellowing, dilute, effortless, tuneful, woolly, sleek, birdbrained, wimpy, aerated, pampered, blond, resist, rolling, wanton, low, pappy, lissom, languid, force, nice, well-to-do, infrared, feeble-minded, comfortable, gray, yielding, slick, permissive, wasted, warm-hearted, wishy-washy, low-toned, murmurous, moonlit, dim, soupy, dumb, irresolute, velvet, pulpous, prostrated, effete, diffused, gusty, fluorescent, directionless, down, flaccid, fricative, fluffy, thin, hazy, fail to attack, rich, wooly, boiling, comfy, indulgent, soppy, whispery, doltish, opaque, rustling, slow, susurrant, snap, softish, tame, flexible, aristocratic, dotty, brushed, kooky, quiet, leisurely, snug, indulgent, tardily, softhearted, cushioned, east, painless, brain-dead, faint, muffled, sluttish, timid, finespun, well-heeled, fruity, resilient, haywire, susurrous, not condemn, well-off, squashy, nonabrasive, voiced, piano, gutless, smooth, soughing, considerate, dim-witted, phosphorescent, delicate, nerveless, compressible, diffuse, velvetlike, daft, sapped, aristocratical, the Beaufort scale, slow-witted, ready, bathetic, flaccid, simple, round the bend, cushy, spongelike, supple, softheaded, easy, patrician, dusky, weak, dull, gushy, dulcet, shady, easterly, faraway, vacuous, lilting, credulous, mellifluous, biting, fine, small, spineless, squishy, sensitive, fluid, emollient, stupid, whispering, following, mindless, pinheaded, cheap, gormless, light, gale-force, silly, moderate, easygoing, hushed, nutty, satin, half-witted.

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