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Definition of something:

  1. A thing unknown or not specified; a portion more or less; a little.
  2. In some degree.
  3. In some degree; somewhat.


it, somewhat, so-and-so, relatively, doohickey, whatsername, sort of, somebody, anyone, make a favorable impression (on someone), existence, commend itself (to someone), approximate, be, make an impression, widget, incorrect, doodad, someone, more or less, thingy, wrong, kindly, aught, anybody, inexact, existent, quite, whatchamacallit, rather, roughly, X, enough, questionable, knock your socks off, imprecise, approximately, exceed (someone's) expectations, being, take your breath away, broadly, entity, individual, kind of, each other, being, anything, put someone/something in the shade, portion, stand out, pretty, moderately, one another, be an inspiration to someone, like, inaccurate.

Usage examples: