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Definition of somewhere:

  1. In one place or other; in some place.


about, near, nigh, next to, imprecise, in one place or another, approximate, nearly, anywhere, all over the place, around, broadly, someplace, inaccurate, systemic, virtually, everywhere, much, inexact, somewhence, all-over, somewhither, feckly, the length and breadth of something, here, there, and everywhere, around somewhere, practically, fair, fairly, here and there, most, all but, questionable, more or less, roughly, approximately, wherever, scattered, any old place, kicking around, wrong, well-nigh, incorrect, borderline, in parts unknown.

Usage examples:

  • He's all right somewhere, of course.

    - "Torchy and Vee", Sewell Ford.
  • Hurry, hide it somewhere!"

    - "Alice of Old Vincennes", Maurice Thompson.
  • Shall we go somewhere else?

    - "John Halifax, Gentleman", Dinah Maria Mulock Craik.