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Definition of song:

  1. A trifle.


pin money, claim, variant, cuckoo, shriek, cry, call option, nervous strain, vocal, birdcall, margin call, birdsong, breed, two cents, cantata, chatter, hay, numbers, var., arts and crafts, belles-lettres, brass rubbing, Sung dynasty, shout, telephone call, chump change, allegro, call, andante, vocal music, tenor, quack, cluck, melodic line, chant, stock, lay, minstrelsy, bass, art form, coloring, collage, dime, shoestring, line, carving, form, sung, metrical composition, yell, warble, pittance, stress, adagio, ceramics, hoot, striving, melodic phrase, cock-a-doodle-doo, batik, meter, vociferation, strain, mental strain, phone call, poesy, straining, chicken feed, rune, art, song dynasty, outcry, rime, nisus, peanuts, pains.

Usage examples: