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Definition of sordid:

  1. Mean; base; vile; meanly avaricious; very niggardly.


Mean, unwell, besmirched, soiled, blackened, amoral, marked-up, mean, tinny, lousy, despicable, grotesque, study at mean, monstrous, low-down, unappealing, squalid, pestiferous, indisposed, shameful, niggardly, under the weather, detestable, grim, bum, plain, sinful, evil, unattractive, execrable, ill-gotten, smudged, wretched, disreputable, dishonorable, maggoty, contemptible, stained, snide, parsimonious, unsporting, draggled, penurious, cruddy, cheating, black, befouled, unsightly, right, cheesy, contaminating, low-minded, nasty, unethical, poorly, seedy, unsportsmanlike, seamy, hideous, wicked, muddied, sullied, grotty, ugly, uncleanly, sleazy, unclean, corrupt, punk, close, deviant, currish, covetous, dirty, ailing, begrimed, sickly, mean, vile, paltry, peaked, stingy, perverted, bemired, acquisitive, bedraggled, flyblown.

Usage examples: