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Definition of sore:

  1. A part in an animal body where the skin is ruptured or bruised; an ulcer; a wound; grief; affliction.
  2. Intensely; severely.
  3. Tender to the touch; affected with pain; painful; distressing; tender, as the mind.


ireful, desperate, cross, natural, steamed up, roiled, mad, delirious, naked, indignant, hot, feisty, vexatious, abominable, inflamed, unhinged, bleak, acrimonious, peeled, profound, rancorous, awful, new, lovesome, serious, achy, unrestrained, demented, livid, warm, put out, frantic, riley, atrocious, abscess, cranky, teed off, wrathful, unbalanced, huffy, wroth, choleric, boil, disturbed, nagging, dire, crank, dreadful, bedsore, unhealthy, raw, agonising, nasty, ballistic, apoplectic, insane, rude, displeased, irritable, burning, excited, fond, hard, unsanded, brainsick, black eye, angered, riled, blackhead, upset, tippy, belligerent, burned, irate, outraged, steaming, crude, rabid, chapped, extreme, in the buff, furious, afflictive, angry, in the altogether, hopping, naked as a jaybird, shirty, grave, cheesed off, athlete's foot, annoyed, tender, acrid, feelings, unspeakable, fuming, unpleasant, sensitive, foaming, untoughened, chronic, incensed, stark naked, crazy, affectionate, rigorous, bare-assed, terrible, infuriate, in the raw, bare-ass, bad, touchy, crippling, thin-skinned, hurting, rankled, horn-mad, distressing, harebrained, ticked, enraged, painful, sensible, fed up, sick.

Usage examples: