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Definition of sorrowful:

  1. Sad; mournful; grieving for some loss or disappointment; depressed; dejected.


melancholic, downhearted, woeful, heartbreaking, heavyhearted, bad, contemptible, regrettable, weeping, inconsolable, wistful, grief-stricken, saddened, dolesome, bleak, deploring, lamenting, homesick, base, plangent, despondent, heartsore, disconsolate, bereaved, mournful, heartsick, pitiable, deplorable, funeral, bitter, bewailing, wretched, down, piteous, heartrending, pitiful, aching, blue, grieving, subdued, bereft, downcast, sorry, lachrymose, lugubrious, elegiac, anguished, wailful, tortured, dolorous, dolourous, bemoaning, glum, miserable, doleful, afflicted, despicable, unhappy, brokenhearted, dejected, droopy, depressed, tormented, agonized, touching, study at sad, gloomy, happy, in mourning, abject, hangdog, melancholy, woebegone, woful, wailing, crestfallen, lamentable, mourning, paltry, grievous, heartbroken, moving, sad, forlorn, pathetic, down in the mouth, low, joyless, plaintive, tearful, sorrowing, low-spirited, cast down, in sorrow.

Usage examples: