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Definition of sort:

  1. A kind or species; any number or collection of persons or things more or less resembling each other in qualities or appearance; class; order; rank; degree of any quality.
  2. To reduce to order; to separate into classes; to choose from a number; to be joined with others of the same species.


manner, sort out, associate, crystalise, come apart, character, mien, miscellany, look, layer, dissever, conformation, ABEND, mixture, assortment, crystallise, affiliate, kind, devil, separate, split, description, cope, anatomy, individual, lay out, flesh, secern, range, get through, human, humanity, tell, scout, personage, appearance, head, expression, divide, authoring, clear, classify, thing, mixed bag, categorisation, illuminate, potpourri, heap, material body, screen, baby, collect, branch, fork, severalize, relegate, crystallize, crystalize, build, categorization, include, AI, fish, way, bearing, salmagundi, variety show, cookie, furcate, duck, miscellanea, wight, severalise, artificial intelligence, sieve, being, contour, secernate, shield, variant, dispose, clear up, specimen, break up, cross section, physique, party, soul, discriminate, batch, motley, sorting, nature, split up, phase, screen out, alpha test, society, life, block out, diverseness, soma, person, stiff, distinguish, shrug off, course, creature, kidney, shed light on, work out, fall apart, port, egg, genre, handle, body, the many, winnow, mannequin, man, consort, variety, lot, access time, surmount, tell apart, diversity, discipline, class, mannikin, assort, overcome, word form, A-D conversion, enlighten, multifariousness, riddle, correct, test, pattern, behavior, bird, figure, your fellow man/men, human being, like, pile, deploy, air, single out, customer, carriage, form, straighten out, authentication, differentiate, change, manakin, chassis, signifier, break, face, fashion, bod, ramify, human body, smorgasbord, grouping, background processing, physical body, manage, carry off, descriptor, mortal, disunite, demeanor, slob, var., folk, guy, carve up, elucidate, manikin, configuration, part.

Usage examples:

  • I know her sort.

    - "Jewel A Chapter In Her Life", Clara Louise Burnham.
  • No, sir, I shall do nothing of the sort.

    - "The Green Mummy", Fergus Hume.
  • Sort of wonderful, wasn't it?

    - "The Port of Adventure", Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson.