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Definition of sound:

  1. The.


straits, enceinte, backup, break up, wholesome, vowelise, dependable, practiced, endure, prattle, dear, salutary, cloggy, blend, open water, channel, show, preventable, skillful, able-bodied, full, react, pure, effectual, gravid, laboured, mature, bhangra, solid, say, turn around and do something, sound recording, efficacious, drumming, wakeless, surface, sizeable, arduous, ambient, give-up the ghost, look, let out, hold out, estimable, unfathomed, expire, mild, headphone, lightly, near, crescendo, lead, become, perish, ripe, honorable, speech sound, well-conditioned, last, laborious, protective, lenient, strait, seem, somnambulist, acoustic, audio recording, move, backing, probe, clang, noctambulism, incisive, hold up, live on, decibel, go away, give way, expert, leaden, chord, fine, grueling, blues, belong, emit, sensible, vocalise, expectant, righteous, right, practical, drop dead, pattern, sanitary, well-informed, exemplary, plumb, resound, carry, dissonance, ring out, earpiece, meditative, run, echo, manifest, goodish, good, run low, give away, controllable, get going, locomote, balanced, sleepyhead, reliable, pronounce, display, respectable, pragmatic, appear, unsounded, strong, pitch, shriek, unadulterated, offer, jabber, quantify, safe, acid jazz, screechiness, tidy, feel, proficient, conk out, snort, blast, weighed down, telephone set, complete, reasoning, weighty, pick up on, mark, exit, decease, broken, analytic, dreamless, earshot, ground, grounded, audio, gabble, snap, send up a trial balloon, audio-, operose, enunciate, pop off, normal, lumbering, register, phone, smart, shrill, fit, chatter, discord, serious, crash, come over, great, sing, honest, resonance, buy the farm, loyal, clock, clayey, clap, burst, cackle, clink, explode, judicious, form, rumble, coherent, greet, vibrate, light, babble, survive, vowelize, skilful, cash in one's chips, lowering, surrender, telephone, put out feelers, reverberate, hearty, stalwart, harmony, detonate, threatening, groundwater, give out, neck, effective, croak, come back, big, articulation, pronunciation, fast, plump, thud, just, good for you, unspoilt, voice, strength, examine, clatter, patter, diction, dB, field, adept, spry, smash, buzz, prudent, hefty, innocuous, measure out, impenetrable, vocalize, acid house, murmur, with child, jar, lilt, penetrate, firm, whine, scratchiness, tap out, work, creak, jangle, realistic, goodly, start, weigh, valid, rifle, operate, disciplinary, backbreaking, stutter, go, crackle, fundamental, intensity, blare, profound, grow, heavy, pounce, reasoned, mode, conk, render, hard, above, flawless, unplumbed, quack, gauge, intelligent, punishing, sullen, sleeper, kick the bucket, receive, toilsome, secure, break down, dense, deep, sizable, drumroll, thunder, phonate, shout, rule, reliable, run short, bebop, thump, intemperate, die, trumpet, insightful, auditory sensation, fail, outright, roll/trip/slip off the tongue, stable, clear-headed, levelheaded, earphone, utter, stammer, pace out, bluegrass, in-depth, healthful, harmless, whisper, penal, level-headed, faithful, proceed, unimpaired, resounding, crack, express yourself, extend, reflect, live, healthy, travel, bottom, play, rattle, sonance, verbalize, make no secret of something, well-founded, hygienic, avoidable, bark, clank, reediness, talking, reverberation, intone, beneficial, perceptive, well-grounded, grievous, pass away, choke, consequent, hearing, Sleeping Beauty, pass, investigate, blend in, break, bombproof, salubrious, quaver, in force, undecomposed, clack, vigorous, fathom, respond, slam, be, roar, overweight, ponderous, stand up, function, whole, bouncing, substantial, go bad, music, fleshy, in effect, hum, legal, moan, narrows, boom, background music, audible, bang, snuff it, grave, soundly, reasonable, get, upright, fit out, large, gruelling, sturdy, articulate, hale, robust, depart, blow, true, unspoiled, audio frequency, labored, measure, sonorous.

Usage examples: