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Definition of speech:

  1. The expression of thoughts by words or articulate sounds; language; an oration; a formal discourse.


mother tongue, barbarism, reference, intercourse, dissertation, dialect, locution, the Pledge of Allegiance, parlance, act, tongue, idiom, action, sermon, harangue, langue, manner of speaking, first language, lecture, harangue, conversation, communications, phraseology, appeal, spiel, language, opus, peroration, soliloquy, paper, palaver, channel, terminology, interchange, conversation, confab, address, address, dissertation, denouement, invocation, linguistic communication, public lecture, basilect, lecturing, pitch, name and address, commentary, voice communication, tongue, public speaking, presentation, colloquy, talk, disquisition, oration, apostrophe, allocation, utterance, turn of phrase, vocabulary, converse, lecture, bringing, lyric, dustup, words, sermon, obstetrical delivery, vernacular, oratory, oration, parlance, networking, speaking, rhetoric, savoir-faire, diction, harangue, run-in, oratory, comic relief, linguistic process, aside, quarrel, destination, diglossia, row, flow of words, bombast, backstory, tirade, patois, declamation, confabulation, confabulation, the credits, verbalization, wrangle, articulation, jaw, vote of thanks, computer address, language, valedictory, rhetoric, recitation, livery, say, interlingual, salutation, disquisition, discourse, stump, ad-lib, patois, rescue, show, sermon, invocation, expression, panegyric, vernacular, spoken communication, content, elocution, lingo, creole, language, eulogy, contrivance, oratory, peroration, oral communication, homily, spoken language, interlanguage, legal transfer, heritage language, exhortation, home language, appeal, delivery, talking to, diatribe, monologue, prelection, delivery, communication, nomenclature, saving, actor's line, acrolect, monologue, speech communication, effusion, colloquy, deliverance, discourse, converse, dialogue.

Usage examples: