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Definition of spend:

  1. To lay out, apply, or employ in any way; to consume by use; to use up or distribute, either in payment or in donations; to spend; as, they expend money for food or in charity; to expend time labor, and thought; to expend hay in feeding cattle, oil in a lamp, water in mechanical operations.


kick the bucket, dismiss, drop off, perish, put up, invest in, cast off, allocate, cut down, glide by, play out, pay, go along, overlook, bear the cost/expense etc., transcend, confer, fell, defray, tarry, die, conk, knock off, blow over, set down, fleet, shed, fall, overtake, donate, leave out, pass on, polish off, hap, pass by, pass along, lose, pretermit, overleap, kill, put across, put down, fall out, draw on, increase, run through, idle, use up, apply, evanesce, shake off, fritter, finish, throw away, drift, absorb, burn, neglect, take place, clear, overstep, pass, discharge, devolve, cast away, use, trifle, exit, misuse, drip, drain, lead, return, bring in, waste, fill, draw down, bestow, cast, buy the farm, drop down, surpass, or up, time, blow, liquidate, strike down, slip by, legislate, communicate, send away, keep, dispense, lapse, stay, fork out, unload, go by, stand, go, stay behind, miss, make it, lavish, degenerate, overhaul, fall back on, stick around, go past, give, fork over, authorise, fade, put in, excrete, dangle, extend, fiddle away, cash in one's chips, authorize, slip away, exceed, pop off, slide by, fund, occur, go across, swing, fritter away, throw, hand, laze, save, turn over, utilize, draw, top, travel by, come about, linger, finance, fool away, drop dead, guide, elapse, drop, contribute, settle, outlay, egest, expire, reach, flatten, pay out, omit, remain, dribble, exploit, choke, happen, eliminate, pass off, give-up the ghost, go on, wait, employ, eat up, decease, snuff it, go toward, throw off, croak, sink, pass away, make pass, send packing, out, lay out, run, deteriorate, shell out, misspend, go through, expend.

Usage examples: