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Definition of spirit:

  1. An intelligent being imperceptible to the senses; an immaterial substance; the soul of man; a spectre or ghost; ardour; courage; temper or disposition of mind; the intellectual powers of man, as distinct from the body; a man of life, fire, and enterprise; purest part of a body; essential quality; a liquid, as brandy, whisky, or rum, obtained by distilling a fermented vegetable extract; real meaning, as opposed to the letter; in Scrip., sometimes the renewed nature of man; the immortal part of man; pre- eminently, the Holy Spirit.
  2. To convey away rapidly and secretly, as by a spirit.


substance, centaur, whole tone, pure tone, centre, spirit up, intoxicant, tonus, step, air freshener, odor, life force, spirits, inclination, tang, ginger, intent, psyche, breath, flavor, fondness, significance, outlook, olfaction, pluckiness, notion, affectionateness, tone of voice, aperitif, tint, valiance, aspect, temper, courageousness, middle, expression, dash, constitution, life story, affection, denotation, blaspheme, intention, gravamen, bogle, purpose, hooch, clear, root, heart, looking, nitty-gritty, tactile sensation, nature, gallantry, smelling, valiancy, dislodge, sweep away, nub, life sentence, alcohol, drift, emotion, double, chaser, bravery, strong drink, heart and soul, gameness, intrepidity, valiantness, usage, human nature, undauntedness, sense, sprightliness, quality, LAN, bogeyman, mettle, fear, facial expression, visitant, temperament, warmheartedness, liquor, dishwashing liquid, action, move, lush, booze, stimulant, psyche, borax, reputation, vivaciousness, goddess, materialization, living, vitality, stoutheartedness, phantasma, behavior, tactile property, posture, disembodied spirit, spook, mood, ticker, eidolon, peppiness, instinct, life-time, genius, blessing, savour, life history, olfactory property, lifetime, bosom, cleaner, vein, disinfectant, bounce, attitude, divine spark, timbre, humor, ambition, disposition, esprit, gist, foam, cheer, remove, character, cup, feeling, article of faith, life, bunyip, face, feather, intuitive feeling, biography, ghostly, abrasive, nerve, tincture, smell, sensation, doppelganger, oomph, mode, bleach, belief, touch sensation, sum, aliveness, aim, rum, gutsiness, cocktail, blasphemous, connotation, courage, grog, design, look, dram, absolution, thrust, feel, drink, flush out, note, savor, weed out, smuggle, olfactory modality, schtick, pump, smack, haunt, resolve, odour, record, valor, shade, tone, conduct, inspirit, brio, fortitude, sneak, warmness, aqua vitae, dynamism, vital force, blasphemy, vision, pertness, familiar spirit, opinion, French polish, moxie, supernatural, impression, sparkle, aspiration, stuff, sapidity, dauntlessness, meaning, determination, pith, looking at, poltergeist, subtext, lifespan, belt, purport, quintessence, tipple, liveliness, your inner self, extract, juice, bless, gut, take, emotional state, angelic, the Abominable Snowman, whole step, tonicity, tenderness, potable, bogey, scent, will, Bigfoot, timber, climate, perseverance, eye, hant, bottle, god, spunkiness, flavour, dryad, pluck, fearlessness, sauce, tenor, being, touch, body, cleanser, aroma, personality, philia, boogeyman, olfactory sensation, motivation, wraith, intrepidness, ardent spirits, revenant, inebriant, tactual sensation, olfactory perception, braveness, sense of smell, feelings, moonshine, be, creature, musical note, firewater, doughtiness, undercurrent, frame of mind, take off, get out, John Barleycorn, inwardness.

Usage examples: