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Definition of sport:

  1. Diversion; anything which makes merry; the mirth or pleasure thus produced; play; frolic; mockery; fowling, hunting, or fishing.
  2. To divert; to make merry; to frolic; to jest; to trifle; in familiar language, to exhibit or wear, as an article of dress.
  3. To trifle.


jestingly, make no secret of something, lark, gaming, divert, drama, turn, clown, put on, nonresident, revel, manifest, joke, mensch, sportswoman, express yourself, contest, arachnid, the Commonwealth Games, animal, lark about, Samaritan, render, in hand, revelry, shoot a line, bear, beast, treasure, butt, manoeuvre, gambler, version, support, nonsense, work, jesting, pleasantry, fairy godmother, adult, athletics, have, laughter, babe, sports, rollick, mate, romp, comedy of errors, bid, dalliance, amuse, arachnid, drollery, magnetic declination, in fun, fluctuation, biped, go-to guy, athletic competition, clothe, swash, tout, antics, gas, athletic contest, saint, run-around, mockery, Cup, mutation, merrymaking, play, humour, magnetic variation, skylark, card, dear, sugar, maneuver, genetic mutation, crown, competition, horse around, vaunt, child's play, humorously, rascal, surrender, extreme sport, free rein, pardner, feature, trifling, shimmer, delight, big game, show, joking, fun, roughhouse, raillery, fun and games, mark, bluster, period of play, enjoyment, honey, jollity, irony, away, gambling, give away, summercater, bro, carnival, get dressed, contact sport, gasconade, tomfoolery, wear, cover up, edition, dress, jest, disport, play rough, slip into, rollicking, bud, angel, mock, voice, brag, playing period, sportsman, wrap up, cheer, challenge, zero-sum game, slapstick, star, variation, mirth, blow, chromosomal mutation, savior, friendly, mutant, variant, try on, Saturnalia, wit, Play, arthropod, caper, amphibian, frisk, looseness, gambol, clash, pull on, escapade, my man, sister, dramatic play, playfulness, target, frolicking, cavort, pas seul, return, display, bye, variance, mummery, play at, rake, swordplay, seesaw, festivity, baby, frolic, beast of burden, derision, boast, offer, championship, close season.

Usage examples: