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Definition of sprightly:

  1. Spirit- like; brisk; lively; animated; full of life and activity.


springy, restless, fit, jolly, mobile, spanking, dapper, supple, racy, sparky, animate, fine, airy, kinetic, well, robust, playful, coltish, blithe, agile, gay, quick, normal, dynamical, bouncing, light, brisk, bright, forceful, able-bodied, prompt, perky, lighthearted, ready, vital, action, pert, chipper, buoyant, alive, driving, alert, diligent, healthy, wide awake, officious, snappy, cheery, cheerful, nimble, pizzazzy, saucy, jaunty, jazzy, frolicsome, spirited, bouncy, spry, expeditious.

Usage examples: