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Definition of spring:

  1. A leap; a bound; elastic power or force; the start, as of a plank; an elastic body, as a steel rod, a coil of wire, india- rubber, & c., used for various mechanical purposes; a source; a fountain of water; rise; beginning; the time when plants begin to vegetate and grow; one of the four seasons of the year; the lower part of an arch.
  2. To produce quickly or unexpectedly; to start; to cause to explode, as a mine; to burst; to bound or leap; to proceed or issue, as from a source; to begin to grow; to germinate; to arise; to proceed, as from a cause; to move by elastic force.


jolt, reverberate, malleability, stick out, make, flexibility, flush, bouncing, sponginess, constitute, forge, wellspring, abjure, bounciness, escape, emanate, recant, thread, give, funk, quail, crop up, ricochet, efflux, erupt, filament, boundary, bounds, gallop through, leap out, toss off, retract, backfire, recoil, daylight saving time, autumn, feeder, wince, jerk, emancipate, mould, opening, backlash, echo, the midnight sun, release, spring up, liberate, flying tackle, pliability, dancing, restrain, twitch, dance, shape, limit, creek, hasten to do something, kin, kick back, strip, Midsummer Day, hurry up, descend, trip, plasticity, manumit, jet, resile, springiness, effluence, overflow, throttle, arise, stick, edge, autumnal, running jump, brook, derive, loose, take shape, British Summer Time, reflect, hot spring, shoot up, confine, parachute, budding, fountainhead, geyser, initiation, flinch, seedtime, outflow, equinox, fountain, come and go, ring, squinch, fly, dive, run, jumpstart, midwinter, move, fount, suppleness, lunge, vernal, flip, alternate, root, springtime, cringe, stretch, barrage, proceed, terpsichore, artesian well, take a hop, bounce, pass over, pop up, well, climb up, natural spring, zip through, midsummer, flow, canal, jump out, resilience, hurry, strap, imprint, skip over, beck, break through, issue, play, flood, cause, stand out, kick, rebound, chute, shrink, restrict, force through, flicker, jump off, river, season, forswear, not hang around, resound, whiz through, come, organise, pole, upspring, leakage, take form, discharge, rill, lurch, jounce, April, arising, springlike, bombardment, rally, onslaught, time, sail through, organize, length, saltation, come at, string, derail, free, border, font, startle, jump-start, fall, skitter, May, outpouring, work, leaping, descend on, mold, gush, seedbed, rise, line, leak, trammel, outset, June.

Usage examples: