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Definition of squander:

  1. To spend profusely or wastefully; to spend without economy or judgment.


foul up, burn out, extravagance, ball up, bollix up, emaciate, neutralize, dissipate, wipe out, swash, ingest, languish, disband, wear out, fellate, bumble, suck, bodge, devour, desolate, float, riot away, profusion, gas, overwork, flub, lavish, prodigality, devastate, mess up, drift, bollocks up, fluff, use up, run off, take in, do in, vaunt, bungle, down, eat, misuse, muck up, ravage, lavishness, take, be adrift, dispel, shove along, scourge, fool away, trifle away, profligacy, disperse, consume, lay waste to, bobble, liquidate, fiddle away, deplete, bollocks, spend lavishly, save, tout, careful, bluster, muff, exhaust, misspend, pine away, neutralise, spoil, brag, throw away, botch, gasconade, macerate, blow, mishandle, knock off, throw away, go down on, chuck away, Waste, have, shove off, shoot a line, bollix, waste, rot, clear out, fritter, blow out, trifle, extravagancy, louse up, eat up, profuseness, botch up, screw up, ware, abuse, fritter away, go through, wastefulness, fritter away, boast, lose, run through, fumble.

Usage examples: