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Definition of squashy:

  1. Like a squash; muddy.


murky, loose-fitting, soggy, miry, slapdash, turbid, plastic, dirty, haphazard, supple, pliant, mucky, cloudy, elastic, flexible, spongelike, baggy, squooshy, swampy, sloppy, muddy, slipshod, marshy, pulpy, muddied, inert, waterlogged, pliable, mushy, yielding, torpid, squishy, sluggish, soft, pulpous, pappy, dingy, malleable, resist, resilient, boggy, flabby, overemotional, sloughy, doughy, spongy, quaggy, mirky.

  • soft (part of speech: adjective)

Usage examples: