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Definition of stage:

  1. A framework of timber on which anything is made to stand; a floor; a story; one degree of elevation; a landing- quay or pier; the theatre or theatrical representations; also the actual part where the performance takes place; any place of action; a resting- place on a journey; the distance travelled over without resting; degree of progress or advance.


portray, demonstrate, exemplify, one stop at a time, big, port of call, chapter, dub in, constitute, map, lowlights, cab, peg, theatricals, dramatics, state of affairs, choreograph, inch, hold, leg, deliver, comprise, power point, arcdegree, opposite, item, scene, head, tier, organize, salute, gently, notch, point in time, typify, tip, set up, dark, symbolize, scaffolding, drama, dramatic, horizontal surface, performing arts, juncture, the middle, machine, chaise, dub out, form, rep, lay out, instalment, scaffold, substitute, dub, award, stop, frame, coiffe, theatrics, stagecoach, demo, defend, board, direction, cutaway, full stop, lectern, do, episode, rostrum, in, plane, coach, departure, gradation, dub over, breaker point, be, dress, environment, stratum, point, act, buckboard, context, climate, set, compass point, method acting, action, orchestrate, put, arrange, proscenium, direct, pegleg, time, order, bring about, stand for, spirit level, ramification, dais, symbolise, prepare, degree, period, layer, lap, academic degree, gunpoint, caravan, full point, correspond, give, interpret, branch, acquaint, circumstance, format, slowly, background, layover, storey, peak, event, landfall, platform, podium, the home stretch, carriage, cutting room, chariot, detail, staging, animation, coiffure, low point, drop-off, jumping-off point, dot, play, face, present, convene, cart, microscope stage, exhibit, gift, go up, introduce, soapbox, story, rung, distributor point, plan, coif, pointedness, fix up, wooden leg, make up, percentage point, level, change, installment, cut, conditions, acting, situation, confront, spotlight, tribune, stand, on, submit, brougham, limelight, decimal point, phase, buggy, phase angle, represent.

Usage examples: