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Definition of stain:

  1. A blot; a foul spot; a spot of colour; taint of guilt; infamy; disgrace.
  2. To discolour; to tinge of a different colour; to blot; to render foul; to tarnish; to bring reproach; to mark with guilt or infamy; to impress or mark with a variety of colours.


bull's eye, crud, calumniate, dishwashing liquid, maculate, maculation, bespatter, attack, gull, dapple, touch, cytosmear, billet, warp, land, sawdust, bell ringer, brand name, situation, mortice, bestain, spot, blacken, firebrand, chump, skank, injury, daub, steel, marker, conical flask, grime, shit, stained spot, slander, discredit, corrupt, cytologic smear, obscenity, patch, tint, demoralize, scandal, grunge, color, brand, home run, spot, blot, assay, talk trash, place, beaker, smear, bestialize, spatter, condenser, cast aspersions (on), berth, disgrace, onus, sully, bond, air freshener, debase, blur, defame, malicious gossip, soil, shite, mottle, tarnish, bell jar, stigma, abrasive, colorant, dishonor, cross, bleach, dirt, target, injure, ground, filthiness, bit, smirch, break, denigrate, MARKS, position, take its toll, discolor, speckle, behave, accelerator, tinge, knotty, nastiness, behavior, blade, point, vitiate, brutalize, burn, dyestuff, burette, clean, cloud, blot on the escutcheon, dye, topographic point, balanced equation, poop, blot, action, filth, French polish, dirty word, fool, harm, slur, season, pip, vulgarism, mortise, something the matter, centrifuge, canker, joinery, mug, drip, ink spot, trade name, bruise, soft touch, grease, office, vilification, spotlight, grade, post, disinfectant, calcify, coloring, breakage, debauch, make, bastardize, foam, sucker, the carbon cycle, discolouration, dovetail, spatter, lubricating oil, sand, soil, print, animalize, mark, carpentry, borax, marking, help, electron microscope, foulness, crisscross, malignment, boiling tube, discoloration, preserve, blacken someone's reputation/name/character, dent, blight, sign, fall guy, Bunsen burner, pervert, burnout, burette, sword, deprave, patsy, reproach, colors, asperse, crap, cleaner, smut, aerate, marque, cleanser, turd, besmear, territory, adsorb.

Usage examples: