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Definition of stamp:

  1. A half- penny.


casting, bar code, fix, invest with, card, food stamp, exterminate, clipboard, diagnostic, bid, legal tender, cough, fingerprint, cold call, mix up, eradicate, cross section, cutter, character, extirpate, mailbag, plot, box number, franking machine, letterbox, opinion, lend, feeling, tender, churn rate, rub out, affection, wander, shape, grave, aftermarket, amble, die, punch, plaster cast, mildew, carbon, mental picture, stump, star, modeling, infuse, flag down, food coupon, help, revenue stamp, hand-wringing, PO Box, docket, move, acknowledge, postcode, cross-selling, cast, blotter, postage stamp, hurl, cross out, impart, criterion, nature, mail drop, molding, crack, crunch, indent, tromp, discount card, press, buzz, stroll, do away with, lace, seal of approval, face value, stereotype, uproot, attendant, remove, postal, track, pounder, call, ship's boat, credit rating, pigeonhole, stray, impression, post office box, effect, detail, mold, ecolabel, specific, notion, inject, belief, seal, printing, sealing wax, attender, make an end of, highlight, buyer's market, customer care, cast of characters, babble, saunter, binder, depression, stride, emboss, correction fluid, carbon paper, MARKS, annihilate, attribution, clay sculpture, pinnace, roll, walk, attribute, courtesy card, moulding, liquidate, clear, pestle, dig, hike, burble, ding, plaster bandage, trek, aspect, postbag, credit slip, wipe out, differentia, tramp, put an end to, RFD, abolish, scribble, direct marketing, postage, factor, blot out, obliterate, dent, blotting paper, touch, grouping, footprint, erase, grate, postage meter, muller, high five, indentation, etch, kill, acetate, mould, imbue with, coupon, endow with, tread, underline, registered office, blow, check, postbox, inscribe, stomp, gift certificate, extinguish, box, facet, moon, supply ship, component, picture, click, sealskin, trample, mailbox, dramatis personae, boss, engrave, snuff out, business card, flip off, underscore.

Usage examples: