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Definition of start:

  1. A beginning.


opportunity, array, expound, seize on, rally, dive in, dart, set forth, diverge, swallow, murmur, operate, drop dead, edge, chicken feed, get off the ground, stolon, motivate, pop out, get around to, pass, fountain, bewilder, counterbalance, go bad, scoop, stand out, bulge, make, offshoot, obtain, dash, draw, dispirit, range, depart, lift out, imbibe, pouch, scribble, bulge out, take time off, get cracking, light, sire, commence, mutter, approach, suffer, write down, perplex, onset, grumble, launch, touch off, choke, get started, show up, beget, chute, engage, baseline, into operation, depreciation, cast down, lolly, sidetrack, fix, pay off, out, get under one's skin, let, let down, last, starting signal, jumpstart, bug out, complain, incur, arise, line, come to the fore, adopt, break through, get weaving, step up, amaze, put down, incorporate, gravel, control, gelt, surface, access, move, lap, setoff, fasten on, cool off, jut, dough, live, leap out, initiate, fit, come out, entice, take something further, first base, baton, move into, blast, send-off, loot, kick the bucket, rise, outset, carry on, subtract, bulk, beginning, conk, shekels, give way, land, chip, root, abrasion, found, offset printing, acquire, startle, suck in, alpha, pop off, catalyze, fount, work, come forward, persuade, drink down, explode, convince, jumping-off point, dive, saltation, find, buzz off, resume, kickoff, first-class honours degree, alternate, straightaway, pass over, showtime, spur, take in, branch, attempt, convey, borrow, come into being, flick, arising, straggle, incipiency, join, start-off, sound, dribble, turn out, lead off, landfall, arrival, rootage, port of call, backhand, open, come down, beat, lower, encourage, have, start on, recoil, take over, low gear, suck up, go away, twitch, cringe, graduation, dead heat, establish, choice, initiation, live on, crank, capture, set out, slit, moolah, pose, turn up, break into, scope, scram, flummox, bolt, run short, spark off, puzzle, dinero, lettuce, hook on, sop up, prick, opening, inside track, embark on, attach, take, go forth, galvanise, press, leave, fill in, scrape, set up, issue, progress, constitute, endure, flow, bestir oneself, quit, receive, shrink, crop up, boodle, fetch, strike, get going, split up, run low, skip, proceed, threshold, kick off, cross, lead astray, course, deduct, lunge, drop-off, shy, function, prevail on, lucre, scoop up, bring, go about, mystify, lift off, catch, separate, simoleons, mother, latch on, scratch line, wince, vex, come forth, step to the fore, scrawl, soak up, change, actuate, cause, delivery, get, take leave, kvetch, departure, tumble, start out, graduation exercise, pour down, go on, cower, parachuting, get-go, digress, day one, arrest, stand in, circuit, the blocks, cope, forge ahead, the home stretch, locomote, buy the farm, stimulate, clock, demoralise, appear, decease, trigger off, come, set off, grow, incision, commencement exercise, lodge, vary, get off, absorb, come on, bring out, originate, number one, become, moan, survive, rush, aim, straight, bounce, stir up, arrive, bring forth, wampum, derail, conk out, pioneer, commencement ceremony, break up, flutter, lead up, cabbage, father, deject, come in, belt down, jump, activate, pull up stakes, travel, prod, skyrocket, divide, lead, rocket, detonate, kick up a fuss/stink/argument, scraping, sally, incite, sugar, back away, uprise, disunite, jump off, enter, chance, starting, leg, project, climb up, false start, give out, fall/fit into place, substitute, jerk, incipience, experience, dismay, spark, stick, hold out, organize, skip over, deviate, dissuade, set to, pass away, appearance, excoriation, kill, window of opportunity, blow up, walk on, pop, coax, first, expire, jump-start, drop back, set-back, contract, cacography, croak, start up, stick out, starting point, scratching, parachute, push through, bag, layover, perish, bolt down, possibilities, galvanize, the initiative, jumping, protrude, cut in, flash, set down, cash in one's chips, play, erupt, step forward, hold up, nonplus, fall out, sustain, seek, go to, corner, get rolling, depress, drive, leap, break down, low, raise the roof, inside lane, trigger, starting line, jump out, shout, dismount, scoop out, get down to, bring about, give-up the ghost, offset, quail, scar, take up, come out of the closet, unhorse, outgrowth, morning, split, lay out, blend in, blench, jut out, demoralize, begin, part, urge on, cry out, trip, down, scratch, bugger off, blend, assume, exposit, bring down, clams, pay back, engender, go, cancel, exit, runner, sorb, energize, mark, pelf, dumbfound, commencement, starting time, run, snuff it, fail, head start, ball, hyperventilate, take off, extend, pop up, place, plump, number 1, head, stupefy, egress, bread, die, belong, kale, break, dent, tremble, toss off, take down, sail, set in, burst out, eject, set about, spring up, instigate, get down, ahead, flinch, bound, induce, nascence, suck, take on, rifle, go into, baffle, broach, first gear, get moving.

Usage examples: