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Definition of state:

  1. A person of high rank.


republic, landed estate, secernate, earth, put forward, assign, absolutist, nominate, absolutism, sound out, rural area, responsibility, effervescence, limitation, outlook, nature, pass on, take, astringency, department of state, conjure up, order, acres, subject, Gr., advise, deposit, governmental, confused, breadbasket, call forth, postulate, eventuality, contingency, tizzy, suppose, reconcile, nation, the borderland, stir, dictatorship, call down, estate, Great Britain, democracy, Britain, imperative, dry land, resign, preservation, phase, bow, conjure, State Department, soil, fitness, state of matter, quandary, enjoin, convey, allege, shape, solid ground, federal, health, big government, G.D.R., accede, dignity, category, anarchy, autonomous, body politic, enounce, deliver, Co., plead, give tongue to, press out, recite, caretaker government, relay, autonomy, case, posit, verbalise, difficulty, politics, centralism, the Emerald Isle, federation, juncture, composition, essential, put in, sweat, Ind., distinguish, present, res publica, down under, evoke, severalise, colonialist, introduce, air, farming, comment, stipulation, event, predicament, separate, offer, produce, class, fume, plight, collectivist, absorbency, frame of mind, stand, occasion, monarchy, airspace, ground, consistency, say, snit, verbalize, utter, wellness, oligarchy, bicameral, sound off, point out, asseverate, state-supported, democratic, give in, enunciate, articulate, let someone know, land, autarky, pinch, badly off, belt, proviso, corridor, give someone to understand (that), well-being, read, sovereignty, submit, fix, bring up, as is, brief, arouse, advance, G.B., put up, speak out, demesne, requirement, ill health, mental health, differentiate, divulge, render, upset, coalition, cite, troubled, reputation, be, pronounce on, commonwealth, absolute, fashion, protectorate, relegate, calm, terra firma, governing, polity, occurrence, situate, welfare, remark, naturalness, delicacy, constitution, element, mood, autocracy, tell, tell apart, swivet, permeability, raise, show, humor, prerequisite, carry, public, time, Aotearoa, volatility, extract, country, defer, severalize, secern, formulate, banana republic, evidence, Bharat, invoke, disk operating system.

Usage examples: