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Definition of step down:

  1. Transforming or converting a current of high potential or pressure into one of low pressure; as, a step- down transformer.


depart, discontinue, lay off, chuck up the sponge, vacate, renounce, loss, shrinkage, falloff, bag, fall, damp, leave office, cede, drop-off, abatement, lessening, release, decrease, free, fall by the wayside, step, abnegate, decrement, throw in, drop by the wayside, diminishment, resign, simplification, dampen, quit, countermine, leave, depletion, throw in the towel, stop, take leave, cease, chuck, counteract, diminution, sabotage, soften, reconcile, subvert, break, surrender, undermine, weaken, relinquish, drop, depression, reducing, give up, reduction, abnegate, submit, dent, step aside, foreswear, drop out, de-escalate, decline.