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Definition of stiff:

  1. Not easily bent; not pliant; rigid; rather hard than soft; strong; not giving way; stubborn; firm in perseverance or resistance; not natural and easy, as manners; affected; constrained; not written with ease; formal; impetuous in motion, as a breeze.
  2. the dead body of a human being


riled, agonising, nasty, inelegant, petrified, uncomfortable, powerful, severe, high, uncompromising, astringent, unyielding, laughable, level, severe, fuddled, stern, wonky, black, constant, mud, skew-whiff, lit, idiotic, stilted, cool, cadaver, purpose, rock-hard, alcoholic, plethoric, flush, mean, bombed, stratospheric, frozen, stand-up, stern, pissed off, graceless, churlish, roiled, potted, soak, usual, extreme, strenuous, tall, hardened, steady, correct, starched, full-bodied, blasted, clumsy, annoyed, lit up, inflexible, fixed, pixilated, unwavering, sloshed, shortchange, ungraceful, cruel, oiled, unswerving, laboured, overmuch, clay, unrelenting, awkward, overweening, pickled, stiffly, rigid, intolerable, gassed, fried, sottish, bleed, flexible, peeved, exorbitant, absurd, miserly, unmerciful, towering, implike, devilish, porous, immoderate, plastered, at rest, sealed, tight, bulletproof, sweaty, cold, burdensome, unfaltering, flat, canned, tiddley, looped, angry, effortful, stewed, carbonated, stiff-necked, ripped, blind, ridiculous, tighten, impervious, inordinate, ungainly, searing, stringent, backbreaking, arch, pretentious, formal, rough-hewn, wooden, hardhanded, static, bitter, hellacious, lactating, inhuman, excruciating, rigidly, undisturbed, thick, ladened, indurate, absorbent, tiddly, soused, uneasy, overextravagant, exacting, Augean, squiffed, rough, impish, strict, warm, extravagant, sky-high, impenetrable, strong, baroque, puckish, gauche, pie-eyed, demanding, drunken, proper, unbending, slicked, inebriate, boozy, pick-and-shovel, bolt, permeable, formidable, relentless, overdue, soaked, impure, effervescent, corpse, formal, still, the Great Compromiser, askew, rigorous, unbendable, hammered, impaired, pissed, stubborn, crocked, substantial, set, peddle your influence, forced, juiced, the departed, wiped out, rigid, starchy, serious, haughty, unmitigated, wealthy, grave, trying, awry, blotto, wasted, the dead, murderous, onerous, bad, unpleasant, achy, potty, nonsensical, stung, watertight, wet, harsh, moneyed, toilsome, prim, stiffened, cockeyed, moiling, big, burning, lopsided, fancy, undue, chapped, the deceased, inebriated, ludicrous, irritated, harsh, cold, unflinching, derisory, nettled, immobile, ceremonious, grievous, uphill, nice, pedantic, impregnable, tipsy, concentrated, decaffeinated, dry, drunk, motionless, unassailable, inexorable, hostile, buckram, grim, intoxicated, inert, acute, lavish, chronic, oppressive, affluent, whack, austere, unattackable, steep, gouge, rustic, mischievous, antagonistic, wicked, truehearted, agonizing, challenging, body count, distant, close, miffed, virile, profound, blitzed, insane, photosensitive, unfriendly, sedentary, prankish, decorous, morose, firm, heavy, smashed, compressed, impermeable, brutal, mingy, underpay, pertinacious, desperate, squiffy, hard, punctilious, slopped, remains, dire, stinking, potent, sozzled, inviolable, stoned, packed, preposterous, killer, compact, unshakable, icy, inflexible, stationary, aloof, awful, numb, regular, drinkable, unfluctuating, loaded, loyal, besotted, laden, benumbed, crippling, blind drunk, testing, rugged, fast, tanked, corked, unconscionable, steamed, herculean, grueling.

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