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Definition of stool:

  1. A small seat without a back; a little form; the seat for evacuating the bowels; the act itself; the evacuations of the bowels.
  2. A stemless mother- plant used for propagation by annually bending its branches into the soil; the root or stump of a timber- tree which throws up shoots; the set or cluster of shoots thus produced.
  3. To send out suckers.


attain, nates, piddle, constitute, dejection, make, make up, cause, sess, tiller, lot, backside, behind, skunk, wad, denounce, deal, produce, rear, prat, pile, thunder mug, throne, armrest, excretion, commode, name, tail end, reach, tidy sum, squeal, get to, peck, ass, give, relieve oneself, john, pretend, can, bm, locoweed, spend a penny, progress to, make water, stag, lav, green goddess, bathroom, make believe, butt, cowchip, hatful, take a crap, canful, buns, hold, seduce, piss, cowpie, talk, tush, great deal, take, wee, potbelly, lavatory, footrest, pull in, pass water, arse, good deal, gain, take a shit, work, weed, stimulate, induce, pot, gage, tin can, excreta, stern, earn, betray, dope, score, snitch, droppings, mass, do, urinate, passel, toilet, ordure, tummy, hit, establish, mess, prepare, arrive at, micturate, create, pee, tattle, smoke, fix, grass, sens, blow the whistle, chesterfield, shop, fanny, puddle, flock, form, potentiometer, chaise lounge, back, posterior, heap, take in, corporation, keister, take a leak, wee-wee, privy, mountain, backrest, rat, inform, build, toilette, slew, hindquarters, law, chaise longue, tell on, sewer, fink, have, defecate, bay window, flowerpot, tin, arm, jackpot, crap, clear, realize, quite a little, spate, batch, tooshie, chiffonier, get, bum, chamberpot, throw, mickle, knowledge, mint, dung, bring in, kitty, raft, gutter, chaise, lay down, crapper, draw, faeces, realise, movement, rear end, bottom, faecal matter, feces, footstool, plenty, doo-doo, derriere, muckle, potful, sing, pee-pee, ready, nominate, fecal matter, excrement, bowel movement, rump, give away, fundament, tail, cook, hind end, buttocks, can buoy, potty, shit, sight, construct, ca-ca, stack.

Usage examples: