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Definition of stormy:

  1. Tempestuous; boisterous; violent.


menacing, breezy, convulsive, roiled, precipitating, violent, ferocious, mild, murky, trouble is brewing (for), billowing, rough, fresh, dark, billowy, Houston, we have a problem, cold, roily, blustery, heavy, turbulent, rabid, brisk, damp, clement, squally, torrid, dirty, roaring, frigid, bleak, blustering, raw, furious, fierce, cataclysmal, tumultuous, hot, one thing after another, knock-down, the matter, surging, ugly, rugged, inclement, savage, in the wrong place at the wrong time, bitter, threatening, blowy, hammer-and-tongs, windy, paroxysmal, nasty, it's not someone's day, uneasy, bang-bang, unforeseen, riotous, agitated, boisterous, drag-out, tempestuous, rainy, blood-and-guts, wet, blusterous, angry, wild, choppy, acrimonious, thundery, calm, gusty, raging, pouring, unsettled.

Usage examples: