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Definition of stove:

  1. A hothouse; an enclosed fireplace for heating an apartment; a room or space artificially warmed; a cooking apparatus.
  2. Broken or burst in, as a hole in a ship.
  3. To heat or dry, as in a stove.


car, chain of mountains, range, mountain chain, atomic, scope, coal, air, ambit, portable, cast-iron, dehumidifier, a/c, kiln, camp, heating, circulating, high frequency, airtight, wood, low frequency, appliance, reach, Franklin, gasjet, kitchen stove, range of mountains, convector, air conditioner, kitchen range, grasp, microwave, electric, air-conditioned, burner, Norwegian, cooking stove, image, infrared, chain, oil, compass, range of a function, tile, air conditioning, galvanized-iron, orbit, Nuremberg range, baseburner, central heating, gas, mountain range, potbellied.

Usage examples: