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Definition of street:

  1. Any way or road in a town or city lined with houses on one or both sides.


armpit, piazza, channel, county town, drag, approach, area, open, embankment, way, pathway, expressway, terrace, superhighway, move, backstreet, dormitory town, burbs, track, square, block, mall, pike, drive, driveway, thruway, bypass, beltway, Blvd., route, trace, circus, place, capital, road, arcade, pass, court, close, borough, mews, roadway, brownfield, passageway, high road, course, avenue, crescent, turnpike, highroad, lane, agora, barrio, byroad, cabbagetown, conurbation, parkway, city-state, freeway, byway, artery, dead end, thoroughfare, Ave., esplanade, county seat, the big smoke, boom town, cantonment, highway, B-road, path, passage, burg, alley, bridle-path, circle, row, cul-de-sac, boardwalk, boulevard, cross street, blacktop, carriageway, Dr., arterial, city.

Usage examples: