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Definition of stretch:

  1. Extension in length or breadth; effort; utmost extent or reach; course; direction.
  2. To draw out to greater length; to spread; to expand; to strain beyond the truth.


custody, alloy, deprave, blossom forth, vitiate, motor, go up, blossom, ambit, inside, carry, profane, give, gallop, cover, open water, stretchiness, chin-up, be off your head, inlet, corrupt, malleability, strain, elastic, relax, tear at, telescope, stretch forth, duration, hold out, thin out, move, extensible, aerobic, lie, pervert, be/go out of your mind, arrival, rubberlike, clock in at, aquarobics, blossom out, live from hand to mouth, stretch out, start, bend, whippy, breathe, finish, tug, boxercise, inside lane, expansible, swallow up, kick, stretch along, fan, bodybuilding, dilute, run out, subvert, besiege, foreshortened, diaphanous, line, overload, produce, circuit training, offer, drag, tow, lade, wave, bunch, scrape by, laden, lagoon, resilient, recline, suppleness, course, misdirect, spin, channel, springy, sound, brushed, reach out, day, deplete, distressed, rubbery, captive, put out, flexible, aerobics, compass, filmy, delay, full-length, shorten, groundwater, chapter, epoch, distance, protract, push, colorfast, repose, stretchability, reduce, unfold, stretchy, demoralize, pass, horizontal, straight, reflex, last, lose it, load, bag, overstretched, straightaway, eke out, extensile, occupy, heave, stretchable, the home stretch, sponginess, go, grasp, load up, long, eat up, flow, cut, spread out, block, go down, make (both) ends meet, the burn, scratch a living, go back, circuit, demoralise, excuse, ride up, go through, attenuated, use up, keep someone busy, contract, protractile, cellular, drive, fold your arms/hands, draw out, have a screw loose, overwork, muscular, plasticity, run, narrows, charge, be going soft (in the head), era, come down, cartilaginous, not know your ass from your elbow, unroll, exempt, abbreviated, creased, neck, debauch, outstretch, prolongate, thin, fall down, exsert, go mad, bouncy, continue, abbreviate, preventive detention, fibrous, lead, take leave of your senses, least sandpiper, get by, pull, flexibility, play, afford, spasm, bend/stretch the rules, eat into, ground, detention, captivity, get down to, let off, crisp, floor-length, extendible, stint, bend the rules (for someone), elongated, calisthenics, internment, work, date, last out, hang, pucker, reaching, inside track, rest, breathable, fit, truncate, trail, pluck at, swamp, subsist, supple, countdown, resilience, crane, smooth, adulterate, pliability, stretching, poke out, starting line, hug, close, debase, condemned, expansile, jerk, custodial, orbit, exhaust, open.

Usage examples: