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Definition of stuff:

  1. Any collection of substances; materials of which anything is made; the woven fabric of which clothes are made; something trifling or worthless.
  2. To fill very full; to crowd; to press; to cause to swell out by putting something in; to thrust into; to fill meat with seasoning; to obstruct, as one of the organs; to fill, as the skin of a dead animal for preserving its likeness; to feed gluttonously.


things, apparatus, credentials, belongings, plunder, wedge, stop, being, bar, tote, block up, holdings, nub, embarrass, close up, cloud, occlude, jam-pack, chattel, news, chattels, pith, matériel, draw a blank, A to Z, gravamen, adjunct, nature, overindulge, extort, pierce, mob, clobber, timber, garbage, hardware, effect, barricade, jam, doohickey, concentrate, blank out, asset, obstruct, hammer blow, carve, press, box, piece, irrelevance, crowd, disincentive, binge, key, glut, movables, medium, cram, crush, concern, paraphernalia, rubbish, replete, sundry, goad, blanch, basis, load, goods, core, heart, fabric, gormandize, bury, valuables, farce, report, impede, mumbo-jumbo, belonging, deterrent, gear, feature, fact, lunge, crime, scarf out, hurtle, material, organism, thrust, jostle, stymie, hurl, effects, agent, bosom, whatsis, overeat, squash, X, information, hooey, pig out, overgorge, hug, bone, squeeze, nonsense, obturate, immobilize, pinch, oversupply, contract, halt, double dutch, choke, web, thingy, item, forget, bottle, tissue, pack in, wax, englut, beat, dead wood, gormandise, doodad, trivia, embrace, essentiality, freeze, whole, personal effects, embed, coerce, kit, gourmandize, squelch, fixed asset, powder, bag, so-and-so, deterrence, constrict, meat, ravings, property, push up, priority, bake, twitch, gorge, shove, spiel, engorge, deflect, good, blend, wring, quintessence, kibosh, word, blockade, bits and pieces, poppycock, quiddity, twinge, lares and penates, solid, minutiae, pressure, stuff and nonsense, blow, compress, pack, burning issue/question, personalty, center, duds, entity, block off, capability, widget, tweet, whatchamacallit, flood, movable, force, appurtenance, gist, nothing, root, tighten, datum, marrow, owned, findings, throw, stymy, possession, non-issue, sundries, raw material, choke up, mash, kernel, rack, full, tug, butter, lug, whatsername, entomb, gobbledegook, immobilise, evil, butcher, satiate, crate, be, inessentials, essence, butchery, bed, parry, ingurgitate, spirit, cloth, data, accoutrements, soul, outfit, hinder, kiss of death, drivel, chill, compact, tackle, block, detail, textile, hale, personal property, gouge.

Usage examples: