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Definition of stumble:

  1. A trip in walking or running: a blunder: a failure.
  2. To make a false step; to strike the foot against an obstacle in walking; to slide into crime or error; to light on by chance.


screw up, weave, ball up, polish off, slipup, make, catch, bollix up, lunge, slay, oversight, reel, wobble, bump off, waver, miscue, actuate, run into, run across, bollocks, fudge, bumble, impinge on, meet up with, find, bodge, lurch, gaffe, set off, head trip, spoil, stagger, bump into, let down, fumble, spill, gain, botch up, plummet, turn on, bollocks up, blunder, tumble, tally, muddle, score, attain, topple, remove, blow, falter, mistake, descend, ability, tripper, touch off, screwup, misstep, stutter, louse up, trip out, move, lapse, strike, fall short, meet, clinker, gaff, boo-boo, muck up, shoot, lower, toddle, plunge, mess up, rack up, dispatch, go down, thrive, come to, trigger, collide with, foul up, trigger off, off, shuffle, teeter, lose your balance/footing, trip, bobble, pip, pitching, clanger, tumble on, miss, come down, trip up, jaunt, pitch, mishandle, brick, fault, bollix, tilt, arrive at, boob, muff, activate, inaccuracy, flub, correct, murder, slip-up, travel, spark off, reach, get off, drop, spark, come across, hit, stammer.

Usage examples: