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Definition of stump:

  1. The end remaining after something has been cut off; the remaining part of the branch of a tree, after being cut down; in cricket, one of a set of three rods or posts of wood which support the bails and constitute the wicket; an artist's soft pencil or rubber.
  2. To lop; to curtail; to walk about heavily and clumsily; to deliver electioneering speeches.


girth, allow, beat, defy, boundary, stumble, tramp, trudge, projection, plod, boss, shuffle, crown, flank, hulk, walk, clomp, bough, blossom, uninformed, flounder, abdomen, hike, dare, flog, crease, move, stymie, ill-informed, tree stump, slough, lumber, chloroplast, hold, defeat, checkmate, stomp, thwart, saunter, stray, confuse, throw, clump, snout, corm, batsman, podium, nonplus, emboss, affect, take, pound, bark, unsuspecting, piece, pigeonhole, unknowing, scuff, confound, body, slog, amble, stick, tromp, canvass, lost, sweep to/from power, fig leaf, lump, belly, heart, unfamiliar, get in, soapbox, check, dais, campaign, rostrum, back, unacquainted, batting average, stamp, hazy, foil, balk, stroll, stereotype, cross, bole, front, step, frustrate, cricket, catkin, ambo, barge, branch, mix up, end, Gabba, bowl, stand for, represent, galumph, bowler, stride, bat, knowledge, scuffle, belly button, run, trek, flummox, baffle, stand, hit, illiterate, jumble, chest, shamble, pulpit, wander, ignorant.

Usage examples: