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Definition of style:

  1. Distinctive manner of writing in regard to the use of language and the choice of words; phraseology; peculiar mode of expression and execution, as style of architecture; title; appellation; particular mode in conducting proceedings, as in a court of justice; mode; manner; fashion; among the ancients, a pointed instr. of bronze or iron for writing on tablets covered with wax; the pin of a dial which projects the shadow; in bot., the stalk interposed between the ovary and the stigma.
  2. To call; to name; to designate.


dah, personalise, appellation, habit, streamline, musical mode, cognomen, posture, way of life, aquatint, prowess, cut, ardour, tack, path, art deco, catwalk, expression, elbow room, outlook, Goth, fashion, hyphen, proficiency, fashion house, modal value, inclination, dernier cri, phraseology, way, epithet, tendency, recipe, address, buzz, course, tactic, sprint, method, baroque, locution, the avant-garde, instinct, flair, appearance, genius, couturier, spirit, skill, usual, basis, moniker, latest, tailor, dash, gift, enthusiasm, craze, handle, art nouveau, name, fashion show, appellative, agitprop, port, competence, fashionista, camp, conduct, invent, demeanor, furor, mastery, plan, bearing, movement, mien, go, thing, agency, stylus, be, last word, hot ticket, fad, vogue, trend, bolt, chic, modus operandi, look, draw up, entitle, means, rage, sensation, tag, house, approach, ability, zeal, engineer, direction, how, vein, system, elan, nickname, Arts and Crafts, wise, drift, mode, strategy, experience, specific, haute couture, reengineer, panache, abstract expressionism, individualize, words, tactics, air, carriage, schtick, title, manner, flavor, presence, human nature, methodology, design, ardor, aptitude, expressive style, room, brushwork, mood, collection, ton, behavior, procedure, flare, personalize, personal manner, tone.

Usage examples: