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Definition of sullen:

  1. Heavy; dull; sluggish.
  2. showing a brooding ill humor; " a dark scowl"; " the proverbially dour New England Puritan"; " a glum, hopeless shrug"; " he sat in moody silence"; " a morose and unsociable manner"; " a saturnine, almost misanthropic young genius"- Bruce Bliven; " a sour temper"; " a sullen crowd"


hard, crusty, ill-tempered, Cimmerian, dour, with child, sorry, pertinacious, snappish, off, querulous, desolate, splenetic, dark, depressing, ill-natured, gravid, ominous, solemn, tenebrous, grueling, darkening, sourpussed, wakeless, dreich, weighty, false, comfortless, cold, unyielding, mopey, sound, lugubrious, moody, tenacious, toilsome, funereal, minatory, intemperate, sonorous, benighted, minacious, tenebrific, temperamental, grave, overweight, morbid, cheerless, somber, grievous, unseasonable, dense, profound, drab, fleshy, fiddle-faced, clayey, pouty, off-key, absent, arduous, great, forlorn, beatific, crabbed, gruff, menacing, leaden, acrimonious, persistent, muggy, fierce, inclement, bleak, cloggy, gray, forbidding, humid, harsh, glum, weighed down, dogged, cloudy, turned, depressive, peevish, laborious, lonely, lowering, enceinte, sunless, irritable, gruelling, large, dismal, darkly, black, saturnine, sepulchral, dark-skinned, big, pouting, ponderous, glowering, obscure, impenetrable, godforsaken, dire, elegiac, ill-humored, chill, plutonian, lumbering, expectant, operose, silent, raw, sultry, backbreaking, brooding, appealing, non-white, curious, punishing, wretched, sour, rancid, chumpish, laboured, threatening, bug-eyed, labored, lonesome, murky, heavy, drear, morose, coloured, severe, dingy.

Usage examples: